„ The particularity of this house is to have spaces characterized by qualities instead of functions: dark, warm, humid, sunny, noisy, large. (…)The house is 27m long, 3.5, 9m high.
Not a single tree has been cut. Facing north is a road with cars, a very long wall of black asphalt. On the south, the facade is totally transparent facing the forest. (…)
No bathroom, but fountains, no bedrooms, living rooms, palour or office, but spaces – illuminated, dark, warm, cold, noisy, calm, hard, soft, intimate, shiny, open, closed – spaces where you can live as you want, that you can choose in function of your wills, needs an moods, wether you fell adventurous, sedentary or nomadic. (…)
At the lowest level there is a space with a very low ceiling and a large basin, refreshing the house. One of the spaces opens to that humid place and can be used as a parlour. The owner put their television here; the reflection of the screnn on the water multipkies the images and the sound is transformed by a strange echo. Television becomes a magic object. (…) “




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